It is so satisfying to know that I’ve taught him all he knows sexually. I broke him out of his shell and he is so good at what he does now. It wasn’t bad before, just not as aggressive as I like my sex to be. Now it’s wild. Why must I torture myself with these thoughts? I just want his fingers in my mouth and around my throat and his teeth against my skin. I want him to hurt me and please me all at once.

Goes to Kinkos and asks them to blow up photos of my nudes as large as possible so I can hang them on my fridge and/or sell them.

I just want him to spit in my mouthhhhh.
And slap me around a little bit.
God damn it.


when you back talk your mom and she says “excuse me?”


damn how you hope a nigga drop his food like fresh off the grill that's cold


I hope when bruh get his baked bean he get the burn part at the bottom


turnt upside down

Here is how we got here.
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I don’t think I’ve ever dated a guy that I didn’t fuck on the floor somewhere. Or somewhere kinda public.


when ya mom’s going into your room and touching shit

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon