Jeans and a primus t shirt it is. Whatever I feel like I’m gonna start my period soon.

He is picking me up in an hour.
I’ve yet to shit, shower, or shave.
I’m gonna watch another episode of Wilfred and then start getting foxy. What the shit am I gonna wearrrrr

Is it hard to deep throat a big dick without choking?

I gag.

I wish I had your skin tone

Are you white?

How did you get so comfortable with talking about your sex life on the internet?

I’m just really sexual and open about sexuality in general. Even in my day to day life, I talk very freely about sex. Western Victorian age backwards ass thinking and teaching has us believe that as female we shouldn’t be open about our sexuality. I think womyn should openly discuss sex. I think everyone should, it’s a natural occurrence and I want to be as open as possible. I think consensual sex is great and I am not embarrassed or ashamed to admit that I am a very sexual creature.

I’m chilling with my boo tonight.
And he has the day off tomorrow.
So don’t expect me on here for like three days hahaha
We gon be fucking and eating and debating and consuming copious amounts of alcohol. I’m excited


best line ever 

following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡